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All Normal Items: 995 of all normal Items.
All Medicine: 995 of every Medicine item.
All Poke Balls: 995 of every Poke Ball.
All TMs and HMs: 995 of every TM.
All Berries: 95 of every Berry.
All Mail: 955 of every Mail item.
All Battle Items: 995 of all Battle items.
All Traps and Drills: Every single Trap and Drill.
All Spheres: Eight of every largest Sphere.
All Treasures: Every single Treasure.
Choice Selection of Goods: Club House Goods and Dolls.
All Accessories: Maximum of every Accessory.
All Poke Ball Seals: 99 of every Poke Ball Seal.
All Poffins: 3 of all flavors of King Poffins.