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Guide: How to Get Pokemon to X/Y Using the "R4" Method

Discuss anything related to Pokemon X & Y.
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Re: Guide: How to Get Pokemon to X/Y Using the "R4" Method

Postby turtleisaac » Wed Mar 21, 2018 10:50 am

I don't see why you need to trade between the legit copy and the flashcard/ micro SD copy. The way i see doing this is different. You get an R4i save dongle, insert your game into it, download the program on your PC, use it to copy your save file off the dongle to the PC, open up pokegen or whatever you are using, and add in the pokemon. do the legit checker or whatever, and save the modified file. Go back to the program, choose load file, and it will load that save file onto the game. It works with 3ds games, so you dont need to use pokemon bank, but if you have trouble using the newer games for it just use any DS game (Sinnoh, Johto Remakes, Unova) and transfer lab/ pokemon bank it to your games. easy. This method can also be used to load a save file from a rom to the game, so if someone had the rom and made lots of progress, and just got a physical copy, all of their progress could be copied over to a real game. Chances are, since this is about X/Y, i'm a little late with this, but im still typing. whatever. this should work better and be easier

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