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Move Tutor egg move exchange

Old topics that are usually dead, but you can bring them back to life if you want.
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Move Tutor egg move exchange

Postby Howmander » Fri May 23, 2014 8:43 pm

Warning: Long post because I don't know how to do those boxes that hide the text until you click on them, but as you may or may not know, there are many egg moves that can ONLY be obtained by a move tutor and only for that specific species of pokemon (such as  a Scyther with Defog. The only parents compatible to teach it that move are other Scythers/Scizors who were taught this move from a move tutor, and whats worse, this move tutor was in a Gen 4 game so if you don't have access to a Scyther/Scizor from that game that learned the move or was bred from one that had then you cannot get this move because there is no compatible parent that can teach that move (neither by level up or chain breeding)) well I found this out rather late and went about getting pokemon with these specific egg moves into my game in order to be able to have access to all the egg moves (since I do legitimately breed, however, I didn't know about these move tutor egg moves until far too late) so I was able to get gen 1 - 3 pokemon with these move tutor egg moves (and some chain breeding egg moves) however, the system quite literally shut down in the middle of the transfer so I was unabel to get most of the Gen 4 and gen 5 pokemon with these egg moves so what I am proposing is I will breed anyone who wants one of these gen 1 -3 egg moves (and a few gen 4 and 5, but not many) in exchange for gen 4 and 5 pokemon that have the egg moves I am looking for. Would anyone be willing to help? there are a few with multiple egg moves and I would want one of that species with all the egg moves as I am offering pokemon with all the egg moves as well, if applicable (there's never more than 4 fortunately) 


Ponyta - Ally Switch

Starly - Revenge

Shieldon - Fissure, Counter, Stelath Rock, Wide Guard

Pachirisu - Iron Tail, 

Drifloon - Defog

Stunky - Iron Tail, 

Chatot - Sleep Talk, 

Skorupi - Iron Tail, 

Snover - Avalanche, 

Snivy - Iron Tail, Twister

Munna - Secret Power, 

Pidove - Morning Sun

Drilbur - Submission, Skull Bash, 

Audino - Sleep Talk, Amnesia, 

Tympole - Sleep Talk, 

Cottonee - Beat Up, Switcheroo, 

Petilil - Endure, HEaling Wish

Basculin - Swift, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, 

Scraggy - Ice Punch, 

Sigilyph - Skill Swap

Archen - Head Smash, 

Trubbish - Spikes, 

Minccino - Iron Tail, 

Gothita - Captivate, 

Solosis - Secret Power,

Vanilite - Water Pulse, Natural Gift, Imprison, 

Emolga - Iron Tail, 

Foongus - Defense Curl, Endure, 

Frilish - Mist

Alomomola - Pain Split, 

Elgyem - Skill Swap

Litwick - Heat Wave, 

Axew - Counter, Reversal, Razor Wind, 

Cubchoo - Avalanche, Ice Punch, 

Stunfisk - Shock Wave, Sleep Talk, 

Druddigon - Crush Claw, Snatch, Sucker Punch

Pawniard - Stelath Rock, 

Vullaby - Fake Tears

Deino - Earth Power, Dark Pulse, 

IN EXCHANGE I AM OFFERING: (ignore the symbols byt he gen 1 pokemon, that is just marking the move tutor vs chain breeding moves)

Bulbasaur - #sludge

Charmander - •air cutter, #beat up, #counter

Squirtle - #water spout

Ekans - •iron tail

Clefairy - #amnesia, #belly drum, #present, #tickle

Vulpix - #secret power, 

Jigglypuff - #perish song, #present, #punishment, •sleep talk

Zubat - #curse, •Giga drain,

Oddish - #flail, •secret power, #teeter dance

Venonat - #secret power, •skill swap

 Meowth - •iron tail, 

Psyduck -  #Secret power, 

Mankey - # Smellingsalts

Growlithe - •Iron Tail, 

Abra - •Skill Swap

Bellsprout - #encore, 

Tentacool - #haze, #Rapid Spin

Geodude - #Endure, •Focus Punch (gen 4 move) , •mega Punch, #Wide Guard

Slowpoke - #Future Sight, 

Seel - #Icicle Spear, •Iron Tail, 

Shellder •Avalanche, #Rapid Spin, #Takedown, #Twineedle

Drowzee - #Assist, #Secret Power, 

Krabby - #Chip Away, #Haze, 

Exeggcute - #Power Swap, •Skill Swap, 

Lickitung - #magnitude, #Smellingsalts, 

Chansey - #Mud Bomb, #Natural Gift, #Present,

Tangela - #Amnesia, #flail, #Power Swap, 

Kangaskhan - #Circle Throw, #counter, #Crushclaw, #Focus punch, 

Horsea - #Clear Smog, 

Goldeen - #Body slam, #haze, #mud shot, 

Mr. Mime - •Icy Wind, 

Scyther - •Defog, •Steel Wing

Jynx - #captivate, #Wish

Magmar - •Iron tail, 

Lapras - #Future sight, 

Eevee - #wish, 

Kabuto - #Giga drain, 

Aerodactyl - #curse, 

Snorlax - •After You, #belch, #counter, #fissure, 

Dratini - •Extreme speed, •iron tail, 

Sentret - Trick, Iron Tail

Ledyba - Focus Punch, Drain Punch (g4), Dizzy Punch

Chinchou - Shockwave, 

Natu - Skill Swap

Sudowoodo - Endure

Sunkern - Endure

Yanma - Secret Power

Girafarig - Wish, Skill Swap, Secret Power,

Dunsparce - Secret Power

Snubbull - Smellingsalt, 

Qwilfish - Haze, Acid Spray

Heracross - Focus Punch

Sneasel - Ice Punch, Avalanche

Slugma - Heat Wave, 

Swinub - Icicle Spear, Avalanche, Stealth Rock, 

Remoraid - Acid Spray, 

Delibird - Ice Punch, 

Skarmory - Curse, Stealth Rock, Endure, 

Larvitar - Stealth Rock ,

Treecko - Crush Claw, Razor Wind, 

Torchic - Smellingsalt, Feather-dance

Mudkip - Counter, SLudge, Avalanche

Zigzagoon - Trick, Simple Beam

Lotad - Teeter Dance

Nuzleaf - Defog

Shroomish - Focus Punch, Drain Punch

Whismur 0 Smellingsalt, Circle Throw

Nosepass - Endure

Sabeleye - Captivate, 

MAwile - Metal Burst

Aron - Smelling Salt, Stelath Rock

Meditite - Secret Power

Carvanha - Swift

Torkoal - Skull Bash, Clear Smog, 

Spoink - Trick, SKill Swap, 

Spinda - Wish, 

Trapinch - Mud Shot, 

Zangoose - Iron Tail, 

Sevper - Iron Tail.

Barboach - Earth Power, Mud Shot, Muddy Water, Dragon Dance

Lileep - Stealth Rock

Anorith - Rapid SPn, 

Feebas - Iron Tail, 

Kecleon - Trick, Recover, Skill Swap, 

Snorunt - Spikes, 

Clamperl - Barrier, 

Relicanth - Sleep Talk, 

Bagon - Endure, Defense Curl, 

Turtwig - Wide Guard

Patrat - Iron Tail

Basculin - Mud Shot, Muddy Water

Yamask - Fake Tears

Bouffalant - Skull Bash

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