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PokEdit to PKHeX

Any discussion, tips, ideas, guides or any other talk related to the new Pokemon Maker.
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PokEdit to PKHeX

Postby YamperScorbunny » Tue Jun 11, 2019 2:43 pm

When trying to create a shiny Mew in PKHeX it would always come up with the exclamation mark saying the pokemon is illegal. So I found this website and created a shiny Mew. The legal analysis on the website says it's legal but when putting it into PKHeX as I don't know how else to put the pokemon into my game it says it's illegal.

Can someone please tell me if PKHeX is wrong, how to put the .pkm file into my game without PKHeX/buying anything or how to create a leagal shiny Mew in PKHeX please? PKHeX always says the Met data is wrong.

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