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Downloading .sav file

Any discussion, tips, ideas, guides or any other talk related to the new Pokemon Maker.
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Downloading .sav file

Postby Shinywooper » Mon Dec 02, 2019 5:25 pm

the save file I created for Pokemon soul-silver version does not work and seems to be corrupted. I'd remake all the pokes if I could but I left the notebook at my parents house and I'm 1.5 km away. I did this over the thanksgiving break and uploaded to my google drive assuming it would work fine when i got back to my apartment. It's a big deal to me because I had all my Pokemon from my old diamond version before it got corrupted. I still had them in Pokemon battle revolution and wrote down the stats of my favorites. If anyone wants to try and maybe fix it or get the file to work or tell me it's no good :/

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