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Pokedex Club (to get all the pokemon)

This is the place for all clubs and club talk.
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Pokedex Club (to get all the pokemon)

Postby watermaster2 » Thu Apr 09, 2015 3:09 pm

If you are a pokemon collector or If you want all the pokemon at any lvl you come to the right place join the Pokedex Club and for a limted time If you join Pokedex Club you wil get a lvl98 Shiny Bulbasaur with a maga stone and  you pick the moves you want (has to be move it can lourn in the game).  to join go toJoining of the battle or the pokedex club                       Also join
the pokemon Battle Club(Battle Club) for the stongest pokemon in the word and fight other in the pokemon Battle Club on your  3DS pokemon games to see who is the best player. plz read the rule (Pokedex and Battle Clues rules)  more links will be put in the fucher

Join the Battle or/ and the Pokedex club now and get a free pokemon

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