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Twitch Moderation Guildlines

Forum for PokEdit's official Twitch Stream.
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Twitch Moderation Guildlines

Postby Cake » Mon Dec 22, 2014 9:14 pm

The chat on PokEdit's official Twitch stream will be moderator slightly different than the forums. If you are a moderator for PokEdit on twitch you should review this page to get an idea of what the rules are like on there:

1. Don't Ban
Banning should only be done in extremely rare cases. The reason for this is that there are better methods for handling problem user. Only ban a user that is obviously spamming/soliciting other website or trying to sell something or scam others.

2. Warnings
Give users a warning before giving them a time out. Try to be polite about it though. Instead of being aggressive and saying something like "If you do that again you're getting a time out!". Just kindly let them know the rules. Say something like "Hey USERNAME, please don't use that language." or "Those rules are no good, USERNAME". Basically, just avoid threats. You don't need to tell them you're going to time them out. If they need a time out just give it to them.

3. Problem Users
If a user comes back after a timeout and is being hateful or super aggressive then it may be appropriate to ban them. So maybe 1-2 text warnings and then 1-2 time outs. If they still can't figure it out then it may be time for a ban (but usually banning should be handled by Ron or Cake).

Over Rules:

1. Language
We're not super duper strict on language in the chat. As long as it's not hateful, mean, or way too bad then it shouldn't be a big deal. Giving people a warning for minor language will only amplify the problem. The chat will scroll pretty fast so it won't be displayed for long anyway. If you're not sure which words will be too much then PM me.

2. Keep it Civil
Be polite with others. If you have a disagreement there is no need to name call. Aggressive name calling will result in time outs.

3. Don't post links unless it's relevant to the conversation or stream.

That is all for now. I may update it from time to time though.

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