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Hangouts Application Thread

Forum for PokEdit's official Twitch Stream.
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IGN: Mike
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Re: Hangouts Application Thread

Postby |M| » Sun Dec 28, 2014 12:10 am

domocoNT1 wrote:

|M| wrote:

USERNAME ON TWITCH: potatooftheawesome

Audio or Video?

How do you want to connect to the call? (If you have something other than Hangouts or Skype, please state your service)

Skype or hangouts is fine
What is your Hangouts ID? (If you don't have it, please go to the next one) potatoderr

Mike Reinhart
What is your Skype or username?

|M| (same as here and Cake+Ron both have me added)
What's your PP? (optional, doesn't affect your possibility) >9000

631 at last check (and still growing)
During the call, will there be a possibility of background noise? (i.e. Music, speech, etc.)

Possible, but I can get away from it all.
Choose: Cakesenpai or SirRon? (optional, doesn't affect your possibility)

Cake-Senpai and SirRon (cause dat beard tho)

On waiting list

The PP thing and the username was an example, but it doesn't matter :)

I copied and pasted then filled in whats needed.
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IGN: Cake
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Re: Hangouts Application Thread

Postby Cake » Wed Dec 31, 2014 10:57 pm

Hey guys. I've been really busy with promotions and normal stuff. I'll review the applications and work on getting a guest slot open soon. Might be able to do one next week on Wednesday.... crossing fingers.

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