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PKHeX 3288 Bugs

Hacking tools and software discussion.
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PKHeX 3288 Bugs

Postby DeadSkullzJr » Tue Jun 20, 2017 2:09 pm

Hello again, today I decided to update to the latest build that was available on Discord, PKHeX 3288. I wanted to see if the issues I have been having with PKHeX and my Pokemon Platinum save were still there. Well I definitely got my results, here is a few bugs that I encountered with PKHeX and my save. All of my Pokemon games are from the USA.

Boot Up Bug:
I have a dedicated folder just for all the PKHeX builds that I have, so this error has nothing to do with my program/file location. The bug here is as soon as I boot up PKHeX this happens. I am very sure this is not what it is supposed to do.

Improper Location Bug:
This bug clearly shows a definite error with the county, sub region, and 3DS region of the Pokemon. The Arceus that I am viewing was a USA event.

PID Mismatch Bug:
This bug only appears in generation four Pokemon games (At least for me)(Tested with Pokemon Platinum). Basically if I make a Pokemon shiny or I reroll the PID, I get the "Invalid: Encounter Type PID mismatch" error and the Pokemon now has the "Illegal" icon. Now I have tested this with my generation five Pokemon game (Pokemon White) and it does not have this bug, I am able to freely reroll the PID and or make the Pokemon shiny just fine.
I tested this with my Rotom that I caught in the Old Chateau. All I did was change its nature and made it shiny, then rerolled the PID.

Wrong Marking:
I cannot tell if this is a bug or not but for some reason, even though I am using a generation four save, the sun and moon marking is on the Pokemon as seen below.

Now I do not know if the Encryption Constant is supposed to be set to all 0's but all my Pokemon have 0's in that box. Even though all the Pokemon I have came from legitimate locations or events.

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Re: PKHeX 3288 Bugs

Postby Odaxis » Fri Jul 07, 2017 4:25 pm

DeadSkullzJr wrote:Ping

Hey bud. Sorry for the late reply. Majority of the Lab users are now more active on our discord server. Feel free to join us any time.

The boot up bug is not a PKHeX issue. Its something with your PC, likely outdated .net framework or some such.

The "Improper Location Bug" may also not be a bug as the location data was never that accurate in Gen 4.

The "PID Mismatch Bug" Is a feature of Gen 3 and 4 as those generation games had a strange relationship between Nature, PID and IVs. If you need a hand with that feel free to PM Me or join us on discord.

The encryption constant, while it can be all 0's will likely never be all 0's

And lastly the "Wrong Marking" bug may very well be a bug, not sure. You'd have to reach out to Kaphotics about that. His Github account where you can open a bug report is located here
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