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What APPs do you have on your mobile?

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What APPs do you have on your mobile?

Postby ElysiumLethe » Fri Nov 18, 2016 7:22 pm

As an fellow mobile user (I have a iOS, for reference), I am always on the hunt for good free apps, because I'm picky about what I spend my money on! I figure out, why not make some recommendations while I'm at it and go fishing for other people's suggestions?

I'll start with gaming apps. Obviously they have in-app shops in which you use real money to buy things, but if you have patience and/or like to grind, then these games are perfect for you! Pokemon shuffle and pokemon Go are too obvious, so I won't name them XD

Without further ado, here is my favourite mobile games!

Gaming APPs
The Battle Cats
I adore this app. You send out weird cat-like creatures against an myriad of different things, and you watch them beat each other up. The goal is to destory the opposing castle. Also there is a ton of different cats to collect, each with their own unique stats and characteristics. And they all posses "True form", but only some possess an "Awakened form". Later stages require quite a bit of strategy and you may find yourself tapping furiously to upkeep a steady stream of weird felines, lest you be overrun!

Pet Monsters
I love this game a lot. It's similar to a RPG-based pinball game without elements that makes a pinball game a pinball game. You drag and release your creatures-minions at your enemy, trying to wheel down their health- but when it's your enemy's turn they can and will attack you. And there's quite a lot of monsters to collect from, and they have their evolutions, too.

It's an unique game. You play as an rider who partake in an stampede, riding different animals and trying to tame news one to add to your zoo. Which is in the sky. On an aircarrier. You can't ride animals for too long, as they have short tempers and will try to throw you off. So be prepared to jump from animals to animals!

Super Cat Tales
Imagine Super Mario, but with cats, Kirby enemies, and super slippy controls, an inability to attack enemies, and your adorable cat is two-hit-point wonder. It's actually more fun than it sounds, and you take control of ten different kitties, each with their own unique ability.
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Re: What APPs do you have on your mobile?

Postby SurferKick » Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:09 am

I only have this app called Jelly Jump because my phone is broken and I can tap anywhere to jump, gets boring very fast though

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Re: What APPs do you have on your mobile?

Postby AnarchyV59 » Fri Dec 02, 2016 11:22 am

A friend got me into this Dragon ball Z game called "Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle." I've lost so much productive time on that game, should really stop. But I'd recommend it for any Dragon Ball fans.

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