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Can anyone help with secure values?

Help with specific errors, Pokemon transfer, error codes on your DS, or any problems with transit.
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Can anyone help with secure values?

Postby Disasterisk » Fri Jul 28, 2017 3:38 pm

Hello, recently I re-downloaded moon to a separate SD card and when I booted it up, it started me over from the beginning. I saved, once I got to that point, then switched to the card with my original moon download and got the message "save data not compatible."
I'm wondering if anyone would be willing to fix the secure values? I don't have access to homebrew (im on 11.5) and I would be really grateful if someone could help! This save file has every pokemon I've ever caught on it and it'd mean a lot if I could get them back.
I've attached a zip with the save file. Please guys I'm desperate
save data
(898.39 KiB) Downloaded 353 times

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