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Living dex pokémon sun savefile or edit???

Posted: Wed Nov 20, 2019 11:41 pm
by vree
Hi everyone,

I used this site a lot back in the days. But I haven't played pokémon in a while and would like to catch up on the living dex. But I have some questions.

What I've got:
-Pokémon sun legit cartridge
-Modded 3DS (old model)
-A way of injecting saviles to legit cartridges.

What I want to achieve:
-Get a complete LEGIT/LEGAL living dex on the sun cartridge, if possible with my trainer name (not mandatory).
-Transfer those pokémons to pokémon bank, so I can later transfer them to newer games.

Now I know you can create a legit pokémon with poke-edit. But I'm trying to create complete living dex here. What would be the best aproach without waisting hours upon hours.

I know there is the shop where you can buy a complete save modded pokémon game. But that is kinds of expensive, especially since I already got a legit game and a modded 3DS to manipulate it.

I just don't know how to get this all going. All help would be greatly appreciated ;)

Thanks in advance for you time.