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Sun/Moon Hyper Training

Talk about anything Pokemon.
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Sun/Moon Hyper Training

Postby Eridanos » Sun Nov 20, 2016 3:51 pm

Ok. So one of the new features is Hyper Training which is related to IV's.

According to, what it basically does is increasing your pokemon's stats AS IF they had a perfect 31 IV. But the IV actually remains unchanged.

Some comments on the web state it 'Ruined Pokemon' (LOL) others claim it leverages the playing field and the entrance to the competitive battling scene.

All in all, I think is nice to ease the path to players who want to be competitive, and also lifts off some of the stress of breeding and soft-resetting.

Regarding pokemon-editing, I think it doesn't affect it much since those who still rely in HPower for coverage will still need to get the corresponding IV's, not to mention Trick Room/Gyro Ball/Payback users, and it avoids the hassle of leveling a pokemon up to 100 and then collecting shards for the Bottle Caps.

Not to mention editing is still good if you miss an event Pokemon or you don't want to get older games in order to 'Catch-em-All'.

But that's me...what do you guys think? :3

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Re: Sun/Moon Hyper Training

Postby SurferKick » Tue Nov 22, 2016 1:18 am

I only see it as an improvement anyone who says it ruins it must not know both how much of a time dump making the perfect pokemon is and what genning is, but mostly the genning because if training competitive pokemon is easier than how would they feel about just making the perfect pokemon?

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