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Pokemon Request

Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire discussion.
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Pokemon Request

Postby NinjaEmboar » Fri Aug 10, 2018 1:26 pm

Hey, I'd like to request a few Pokemon. I can arrange a way to get them to me via GTS (very specific trade request, deposited when I give the go-ahead, etc)

I'd like for them to be from an event that took place in America, preferably an event for ORAS and XY, and for the Pokemon to be as they would be if they had just been obtained from the event, no changes made to them. Non-shiny, basically nothing special. Obviously you can generate it, unless you're feeling extra generous lol. Thanks!

I'll start with the obvious ones:

An Arceus

A Darkrai

A Keldeo, with Secret Sword and in his alternate, cooler form (I had gotten Keldeo in Black and transferred him to B2 after doing the special things for Secret Sword and to make him go into his cool form, but B2 holds a special place in my heart, so I'm keeping him there)

A Mew

A Genesect (with one of the disc drives, and then add the rest of the disc drives onto the other Pokemon before you send them into GTS, if possible, or just gen multiple Genesects and we can send them all)

Two Meloettas, one in each form (Dance/Sing) (never got her, even in Black or Black 2)

A Celebi

A Jirachi

A Hoopa

A Volcanion

A Shaymin

A Victini, one of the ones with Fusion Bolt, Fusion Flare, and I believe a third unique move, maybe the V move whose name I forgot (I traded for one of these in B2 or Black, can't remember which lol)

Pretty basic and standard, I know, yeah yeah, but I've always wanted to complete a National Dex, and since B2 and W2 probably don't have GTS anymore, that's a lost cause with the games at my disposal... :(


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