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Limitations Everywhere!
Sorry, but you an only make 3 files per game. That's just the way this form works...

GBA File Info!
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Trainer Name can only be alpha-numeric characters and a maximum of 7 long. You can change Gender, Shiny/Nonshiny, and Levels also.
Trainer Name & Badges
The default Trainer Name for a Male file is "Ash" and/or "Ashley". Normally, our files don't have the trainer badges, but if you choose a different trainer name you'll be given all 8 Trainer Badges. That will ensure the Pokemon obey. You'll still be able to play thru the game and defeat the Gym Leaders.
Wait. What is this?
This Editor Form is connected to our store. If you buy a GBA game from our store you use this form to select your edits before we ship it to you. Cool Beans!

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Pokemon Type: ShinyNonshiny
Pokemon Levels: 100505