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Unlocked Pokemon Sun

Price: $84.99
In Stock
Condition: Used Game
Console: 3DS
Type: Unlocked Game
Included: Cartridge Only

All released Pokemon included (Bulbasaur thru Marshadow). Battle Ready and 100% LEGAL. All legal Items (including Z item, Mega Stones, etc) Full PokeDexes, all fashion items, Customizations, and More! The file is saved at the first Pokemon Center.

Full Details
  • All Pokemon from Bulbasaur001 thru Marshadow802 are 100% Legal!
  • All Pokemon that can possibly have the Black-Cross mark have it.
  • Can be traded/battled online and deposited into Pokemon Bank!
  • Battle Ready Pokemon with correct natures, EVs, moves, ect!
  • Customizations Choose your Trainer details and Pokemon options (full details below).
  • Many Official Event Pokemon & 28 Shiny Foreign Dittos designed for all your breeding needs!
  • All legal items including Z Items, Mega Stones, Orbs, and all others (x995 for item with quantity).
  • Max Festival Coins, all Legal Fashion items unlocked, 255 of every Poke Bean.
  • Full PokeDexes and all current regional Mystery Gifts (including Shiny Tapu Koko, Marshadow, Mew and more!).
Authentic Nintendo game cartridge and custom save file are included.
You can request the following options after placing your order (optional):
If you don't send customization details you'll be given the Trainer name "Sun", Male, Nonshiny Pokemon at Max Level with Rowlet as your starter.
  • Trainer Name (up to 12 alpha-numeric characters)
  • Trainer Gender (Male or Female)
  • Skin/Hair/Eyes (select one of four options)
    1. Light Skin, Light eyes, Light Hair
    2. Light Skin, Light eyes, Dark Hair
    3. Slightly dark skin, Dark eyes, Dark Hair
    4. Dark skin, Dark eyes, Very dark hair
  • Starter Pokemon
    1. Rowlet
    2. Litten
    3. Popplio
  • All Pokemon Shiny or Nonshiny (will not effect shiny-locked Pokemon or Events)
  • Level Options ("Max Levels" or "Natural Levels")
Level Option 1:
All Pokemon "Max Levels". Almost all of the Pokemon will be level 100 besides Pokemon that would require a level or two to reach it's final evolution stage (so some Pokemon might be at level 98 or 99). This will prevent Pokemon from being forever stuck in a previous evolution if you ever choose to evolve them.
Level Option 2:
All Pokemon at "Natural Levels". Starters are at level 5, first evolution Pokemon that are hatched are at level 1, second and third evolutions are at the level they would evolve at, and Legendary Pokemon are at the legal level they are caught at.
Optional Customizations: (defaults: English game file and Pokemon. Cartridge region will match your shipping address)
  • Game Region
    1. NTSC (N./S. America)
    2. PAL (Aus/Eurpean)
  • Game Language
    1. English
    2. Spanish
    3. French
    4. German
    5. Italian
    6. Japanese
    7. Korean
  • Pokemon Nicknames & Caught Region (same options as Game Language)
How to request Customizations?
After placing your order email me using the Contact Form or email me at the following address:
Contact PokEdit
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